Artisinal Organic Farm Cheese Cake Towers

Humble Beginnings

Our Background

It all started with Buffalo Mozzarella. Unable to find fresh authentic REAL Buffalo Mozzarella, we finally managed to source a local producer in Cape Town and started distributing this specialty cheese in KZN. Before we knew it we became the 'cheese people' - with a reputation for sourcing the very best locally produced artisinal produce.

We are a family run business and our soul focus is on cheese. We live and breathe cheese! Not only do we pride ourselves in providing the very best, we are also a highly hands-on creative bunch of foodies. The Cheese Cake Co. was born through the combination of our passion for top quality cheese/produce and our creative artistic abilities. We have a stunning variety of both 'regular / standard' type cheeses as well as rare exotic cheeses, which we just love working with.

Our cheese cake towers are built with love and passion, each one being unique and a work of art. We are proud to support local farmers because we want them to carry on - without them we'd have nothing but processed food full of nasties on our plate. By working with us and choosing our cheese cake towers - you help us to help them :)


Organic - Local - Artisinal

We use delicious organic fruit to accompany our beautiful cheese cake towers.


Organic - Local - Artisinal

Depending on your theme, we recommend our fabulous organic nuts to compliment our cheese cake towers.

Sophisticated Elegance

Organic - Local - Artisinal

Even rustic looking cheese can be transformed into a sophistic looking tower of decadent elegance!


Organic - Local - Artisinal

We LOVE flowers. From decorative flowers to seasonal edible flowers, we are able to offer both.


Organic - Local - Artisinal

Unusual fruits create wonderful dramatic and unusual touches to our cheese cake towers.


Organic - Local - Artisinal

Getting hitched? Leave your cheese woes to us and give your guests something to talk about!

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