The Big Secret

We bet you never knew about this!

The Wulzen Factor

The Wulzen or “anti-stiffness” factor is a nutrient unique to unpasteurized cream / butter. Dutch researcher Wulzen found that it protects against calcification of the joints–degenerative arthritis–as well as hardening of the arteries, cataracts and calcification of the pineal gland.

The Wulzen factor founder showed that this compound could reverse calcification of joints in osteoarthritis. Our naked farm Butter Bombs contain naturally occuring Wulzen factor! Slap that on your toast and eat it - EVERY SINGLE DAY ;)

As sure we are that the sun will rise tomorrow - we will also all age. But, it's the choices we make now that will determine how gracefully we do.

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Starting From ...

Between 50 and 100g of cheese per person is recommended depending on the occasion and what other foods are on offer. Below is a pricing guideline for our standard cheese boards, all of which can be tweaked and tailored to suit your needs.

The Get Together - R1200

Up to 10 Guests

Medium cheese board boasting 4 types of arisan cheese - accompanied with easonal fruit, a dried fruit and nut selection, 1x jar of home made preserve, 1x jar of raw honey and 2 types of crackers. Grass-fed premium quality charcuterie can be added for an extra R200. Serves up to 10 guests.

The Celebration - R1800

Up to 20 guests

Large cheese board boasting 6 types of artisan cheese - accompanied with seasonal fruit, a dried fruit and nut selection, 2x jars of home made preserves, 1x jar of raw honey, 3x types of crackers as well as hand made artisan chocolate. Grass-fed premium quality charuterie can be added for an extra R400. Serves up to 20 guests.

The Great Gatsby - R3200

Up to 30 guests

One large cheese board for the soft cheeses and one large cheese board for the firmer cheese is supplied. This board boasts 10 types of artisan cheese and is accompanied with seasonal fruit, a dried fruit and nut selection, a jar of honey, 3x jars of preserves, handmade artisan chocolate as well as a selection of locally produced grass-fed charcuterie. Serves up to 30 guests.

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