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So Many Ways With Butter

Some (B)utterly Delicious Inspiration

Our top quality farm butter makes great food even better! Tasty food does not have to be complicated for it to be memorable. As long as one uses the best quality ingredients very little can actually go wrong. When it comes to olive oil - use the best. When it comes to extra-virgin olive oil - use the best. When it comes to butter - use the best!

TIP - Butter burns! When using butter over direct heat, always heat with some olive oil (not extra-virgin). Mixing some oil with butter prevents it from burning yet still gives food that wonderful buttery flavour that only good butter can give!

Better Baking

Fancy yourself as a bit of a baker? Our farm butter makes baked goods better giving richer and creamier results. Using the best quality ingredients such as organic free range eggs and farm butter makes the world of difference!

Better Banting

Better because it's healthier, unprocessed and bursting with goodness. It is also rich in The Wulzen Factor - also known as the 'anti-stiffness factor' - something so pertinent to our health, yet hardly anybody has heard of it!

Decadent Desserts

Up for a challenge? We don't know too many people out there who are brave enough to attempt such 'Michelin' styled desserts, but we do know that only the very best ingredients would do... so please don't forget our butter!

Tantilising Tarts

Arguably the most important ingredient in the art and science of baking: butter. Premium butter is a pastry baker’s best friend. Caring bakers always choose pure, organically produced butter. Our butter :)

Sexy Sauces

From elaborate sauces such as Hollandaise or Bearnaise to more 'simple' sauces such as garlic melted butter with white wine and capers - Our farm butter makes sauces special!

Sensational Shellfish

Prawns, crayfish and langoustines need nothing more than to be grilled or fried in a good quality butter with garlic and lemon juice. We also like to add finely chopped ginger and coriander, absolutely delicious!

Fabulous Fish

No time for sauce? A dollop of our regular farm butter will add a subtle yet rich dimension to fish. For that WOW factor, garnish with a 'coin' of one of our gourmet butters to transform simple fish into fancy fish full of flavour - within minutes.

Oysters / Mussels

Absolutely no jokes here - our GOURMET Blue Cheese Butter will change your life! Oysters or mussels grilled with lashings of our Blue Cheese Butter is a force to be reckoned with! Presented in their shell on a bed of course salt - stylish!

Velvety Veg

From steamed veg, mashed potato, mashed sweet potato to braai'd sweetcorn. Butter and veg were born to be together. Try our Gourmet Cinnamon & Honey Butter on steamed or boiled green beans, amazing!

Glorious Garnish

Dollops of farm butter in soups not only look great but are tasty too. Golden drops of joy! Our Gourmet butters should be kept in the freezer and are 'finishing butters' that provide both heaps of flavour and visual appeal.

Perfect Roast

Gently seperate skin away from breast and stuff with our farm butter for superior CRISPYNESS. We also like to stuff the bird (cavity) with half an organic (un-waxed) lemon - this results in exceptionally tender chicken and AWESOME gravy!

Mighty Meat

Again, this is where our GOURMET butters come out to play! Elaborate sauces are divine, but time consuming too. We recommend having at least one of our gourmet butters on hand in the freezer. Great time savers and healthy too!

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